Canvas Duct Connector

Flexible Duct Connector is a nylon fabric secured to sheet metal on both sides and fabricated into the HVAC Ductwork in an area next to the Blower in order to isolate the ductwork from vibrations and noises that might otherwise carry throughout the system.

Canvas Duct Connector Illustration

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Canvas ConnecterMost widely used fabric on market, vinyl black coated with high tear strength, high abrasion resistance. Spec Sheet-Duro Dyne
Spec Sheet-Ductmate
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Canvas ConnecterBlack, heavy glass fabric, 30oz, high chemical resistance. Spec Sheet
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White Canvas ConnecterWhite fabric, used on outdoor/rooftop applications, ozone resistant, unaffected by mildew.Spec Sheet
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Canvas ConnecterSilicone rubber fabric, high temperature resistance.Spec Sheet
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insuflexExcelon fabric, 2-layers with insulation. Spec Sheet
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Specialty Metals

Canvas ConnecterConklin stocks Stainless and Aluminum in addition to the standard Galvanized. Standard sizes are 3" x 3" x 3", and 4" x 4"x 4" with 22oz Excelon fabricItem Codes

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Cradle Caddy and Shear

cradle caddyThe Cradle Caddy keeps up to three rolls of Flexible Duct Connector or Vane Rail within easy reach, anywhere in the shop. Full swivel casters make movement around the shop possible, and ball bearing rollers quickly dispense connector with a simple pull. A foot actuated brake locks the Cradle Caddy in place when dispensing the connector. The shear attachment cuts the duct connector accurately and effortlessly.Spec Sheet
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Price: $1,650.00


Canvas-Duct-Connector-ToolThe DS-31 Stapler is the perfect tool to easily and quickly close a fabric joint on Flexible Duct Connector.Spec Sheet
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FCA Adhesive

FCA AdhesiveFCA Flexible Connector Adhesive is the ideal method to connect fabric of Canvas Connector. Dries fast, holds firm.Spec Sheet
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