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Johns Manville

Jm-Duct-BoardMicro-Aire® Duct Board is treated with an anti-microbial agent specifically registered with the EPA. 4 x 10 sheets in boxes and on pallets. Yellow core with a black matte surface.Spec Sheet
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KnaufAtmosphere Air Duct Board with ECOSE, a revolutionary formaldehyde-free bio-based binder technology. Surface treated with EPA registered anti-microbial agent. 4 x 10 sheets in boxes and on pallets. Brown core and black FSK backing.
1" - 6-sheets per carton/48 per pallet.
1-1/2" - 4-sheets per carton/32 per pallet
2" - 3-sheets per carton/24 per pallet.
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Super Duct

super ductSuper Duct is Johns Manville Premium Duct Board with such features as a coated surface on the airstream vs. the black mat seen on standard duct board. This gives it a more durable air surface, with better water repellency and allows it to withstand better air velocity at 6000 fpm, vs. 5000 fpm with standard duct board.Spec Sheet
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