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Sumner 450-lb Capacity Compact

450lb-Duct-LiftThe 2400 Series Lift comes in 12' and 16' heights with a 450-lb lifting capacity. With a smaller design and folding capability, this can be used for a one man operation and will fit in most vans and SUV's.2412 - $1,897.02
2416 - $2,345.01
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Sumner 650-lb Capacity Standard

Duct-LiftThe 2100 Series Lift comes in 12', 18' & 24' heights with 650-lb lifting capacity. The use of plunger pins makes for quick readjustment and compact storage, which also eliminates any need for tools or loose parts.2118 - $2295
2124 - $2695
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Sumner 800-lb Capacity Standard

800 lb Duct LiftThis Compact Lift offers stronger mast design and a superior cabling system. The shorter mast sections allow the 2000 to travel through doorways without tipping and to fit nicely into vehicles with small storage space.2015 - $2,617.61Spec Sheet
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Duct Lift Accessories
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Fork Extensions

Duct Lift Fork ExtensionsAllows the contractor to lift wider duct to the ceiling.

Push-button operation extend forks from 28" to 42" (71–106 cm). Longer forks decreases weight. Capacity to 200-lb. (90 kg) (Clearly displayed on the forks when extended)
ForkKit - $104.87Item Codes

Pipe Cradle

Pipe CradleGreat for duct pipe or other HVAC applications.

Slides over standard forks.

Packaged in sets of two.
Pipe Cradle - $135.01Item Codes