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Condu Locks

Conduit-LocksDyn-O-Locs are available for use with 1/2”" or 3/4"’’ Conduit. Installed lock is pull tested to withstand over 1900-lbs. Large self-sealing washer. Long bolt for easier installation.Spec Sheet
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Spring Lock

Condu-LocksSpring Lock takes the ease of installing a Condu Lock one step further than the Stud Lock by enabling the male stud to retract.Spec Sheet
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Stud Lock

Stud-LockA faster alternative to the Condu Lock in that it protrudes a bit further out of the end of the conduit and thus is easier to set thru the hole in the duct wall which makes for easier installation, especially on larger duct. Often used with Spring Lock on the other end for very fast one man install. Attach one end inside the duct and on the other end the stud lock would be driven into the conduit from outside of the duct.
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T-LockUsed on large ducts 40" or more that requires conduit to be run from both sides of the duct that crosses over each other. Designed to join the the cross section of conduits to immobilize them which further strengthens the duct.Spec Sheet
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Tie Rods

Tie-RodAlso referred to as conduit, is used on the reinforcement of interior duct to prevent rattling and also to support the duct walls. 1/2" tie rods are used on duct up to 46" wide. 3/4" tie rods are used on duct 48" wide and larger.Spec Sheet
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Two Hole Conduit Strap

2-Hole-Pipe-Strap2 hole straps provide a light duty support of pipe. They attach directly to a horizontal or vertical structural member.Spec Sheet

Condu Lock Inserter

Tie-RodFast and easy method of inserting the Condu Locks into the Tie Rods/Conduit by placing Tie Rod into cradle , Condu Lock on both ends and flipping switch for automatic insertion, a faster, quieter and cleaner install vs the tropical hammer in by hand. Spec Sheet
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