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Cold Rolled

Cold RolledCold Roll is Hot Roll Carbon Steel that has undergone an additional “cold reduction” at the Mill. It is very smooth, very flat with a light oil and has straight edges. Typical applications include fire dampers, kitchen exhaust and grease duct. We stock 16 Gauge in 48” and 60” Sheets and Coils, and 18 Gauge and 20 Gauge in 48” x 120” Sheets.Spec Sheet
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Access Door

Ultimate Access DoorUL 1978 listed. Easy to install sandwich design with no special tools required. Minimal penetration into the duct. Dramatically reduces installation time, no welding required. Grease and air tight. Meets NFPA 96 standards Union made in the USA. Door is completely removable for easy cleaning. Also available with optional hinge. Spec Sheet
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Fyre Wrap

Fyre-WrapFyrewrap 1.5” Duct Insulation, also called “grease hood insulation”, is a high temp insulation blanket specifically designed to offer flexible enclosure for 1 and 2 hour rated kitchen and grease duct exhaust. To meet NFPA requirements grease duct must get 2 layers, which will give zero clearance to combustibles.Spec Sheet
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Fire Wrap Tape

Shurtape-FF-100Hi temp tape specifically designed for use on Fire Wrap Spec Sheet