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Galvanized Angle

Galv-AngleSmacna HVAC Duct construction standards requires that Galvanized 90-degree Angle be used as an external reinforcement providing stability for larger or high pressure duct or when used with the threaded rod as a support for hanging the duct. Also used as wall stands to hold units higher on an outside wall. We stock a hot dipped Galvanized Angle that has a uniform zinc layer and provides higher resistance to oxidation than Black Iron. Conklin stocks in several sizes but all are 20-ft in length. The load chart in the SMACNA duct construction standards manual gives details on the length used and the smallest angle size for the applicable weight. Typically, 1-1/2 X 1-1/2 X 1/8 will suffice for duct under 48”. Anything larger should go to the 2” x 2”. The 2” x 2” will carry twice the load of the 1 ½” in the same thickness across the same length. You can double that load again if you go to 1/4" on the 2”x 2”. Smacna Standards
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Fire Damper Angle

Fire-Damper-AngleDuctmate's 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" pre-punched Galvanized Angle is used to frame a sleeve for a fire damper penetration in a wall. Many contractors use this for duct reinforcement standard length is 10' but we also have 20' available. Standard is 16 gauge but 14 gauge is also available.Spec Sheet
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Carbon Steel ASTM A36 Angle

Carbon-Steel-ASTM-A36-AngleUsed by HVAC contractors for the same purpose as Galvanized but preferred because it welds better and then painted after. Also used to make an angle iron frame, filled in with expanded metal and a latch to serve as a cage to surround outdoor condenser units. Carbon Steel Angle is also the most commonly used Angle in structural applications in construction from frames to stands.Item Codes

Heavy Gauge Band Iron

Used by commercial roofing companies to make hangers for box gutter.Item Codes

Duct Board Channel

Ductbaord-ChannelUsed to support the bottom of the duct board with hanging strap or wire.Item Codes