Rossi Damper Hardware
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Twist Knob Handle Standoff

Hardcast-901-Coil-TackRossi’s TwistKnob™ handle allows for fully hand operational air flow balancing to be done on site without the need for any tools.
The bright orange knobs make the damper handles easy to spot on site. Conklin stocks Twistknob with 2” standoff.

Hat Channel Clip

Mid-TackThese U-Channels allow for easy attachment of a rod to the round damper blade or disc.

Damper Blade Discs

High-TackDesigned with a built-in channel for the rod to pass through which reduces assembly time and eliminates the common practice of drilling holes and using bolts to secure the rod to the disc. Stackable, 20 Gauge Galvanized , grooves for added rigidity, 4" – 16” diameters.