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Bar_Wire 50/50 solder is used with Soldering irons to connect two pcs of metal like Copper , Galv , PG . (Basic form of welding) In the HVAC trade its used mostly for soldering the corners of Drain Pans. Roofers use it to solder flashing gutter outlets ,and elbows that go on the roof made from Copper Galv. Item Codes

Cleaning Supplies

Solder-Cleaning Ruby Fluid is used to prepare the metal for soldering by causing the solder to flow into a thin film. Item Codes

Soldering Copper

Soldering-Copper Soldering Irons are used in conjunction with 50/50 Solder on Galvanized, Copper and Paintgrip metal to seal seams. The metal is first treated with Muriatic Acid or Ruby Fluid to clean it so the solder will stick.The irons are heated up to a red hot temperature so they can melt the solder which then flows onto the seam making it water tight. Item Codes


Waywick Propane Furnace with a 6 foot hose. Item Codes