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Strut Channel

Strut-ChannelConklin stocks 14 and 12 ga Slotted in 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" in 10 ft and 20 ft but also in 6'8" which is ideal for the typical 5-ft spacing of ceiling joists since it gives a 10” overhang on each side for the Threaded Rod and thus eliminates cutting to size.

Conklin also stocks 14 Gauge Low Profile ( 13/16" x 1-5/8" ) also in stock for contractors needing to hang above the joists where height is an issue.

50 pcs per bundle on all sizes.
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Caddy Swift Clip Strut Clamp for Linesets

CADDY-SWIFT-CLIP-Strut-Clamp-for-Tube-PipeStrut clamp for copper linesets, secures pipe and insulation providing a barrier seal, which eliminates condensation. Easy snap-in and twist installation, no tools required, fits directly into strut channel.Spec Sheet

Standard OD Strut Clamp

Strut-ClampsAids in the suspension of non-insulated stationary pipe lines and fits into the open side of channel. These are stocked in sizes 1/2"-4", but can be ordered up to 15-3/4".Spec Sheet
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RIGDG Strut Clamp for Pipe/Rigid Conduit

RIGDG-Strut-Clamp-for-Pipe-Rigid-ConduitStrut Clamp with slotted hex head machine screw and hex nut.Spec Sheet

Universal Strut Clamp for Pipe/Conduit

Universal-Strut-Clamp-for-Pipe-ConduitStrut Clamp with two clamps, nut and bolt; fits into open side of Strut Channel.Spec Sheet

Beam Clamps

Beam-ClampsAttached to the top or bottom of Strut or Angle Iron and used along with Threaded Rod to hang rectangular duct work that is suspended in the air by Strut or Galvanized Angle. It is available for 3/8" and 1/2" Threaded Rod.

There is no drilling or welding required. Conklin stocks the Small Mouth Beam Clamp as the standard.
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CADDY Rod Lock Beam Clamps

Caddy-Rod-Lock-Beam-ClampsDesigned to save installation time when attaching threaded rod to a beam clamp. Rod slides through the beam clamp to the desired length instead of traditional method of twisting threaded rod in place.

Conklin stocks 1/2" and 3/8"
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Hex Nuts

Hex-Nuts6 sided finished Nut . The most common size is 3/8" which we stock in 100 count jars with the option of 50-lb bulk boxes. Spec Sheet
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Flat Washers

Flat-WashersUsed along side the Hex Nuts to distribute the load when hanging duct.Spec Sheet
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Fender Washers

Fender-WasherAn over sized Flat Washer used when further load distribution is required.Spec Sheet
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Spring Nuts

Spring-NutAlso called Channel Nuts or Strut Nuts that are mounted on the Strut to line up the Threaded Rod and keep it stationary in the Slot. Used as an option to Hex Nuts and Washers.Item Codes