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Duro Dyne Weld Pins

Duro-Dyne-Weld-Pins1/2" Weld Pins for 1/2" Liner
3/4" Weld Pins for 1" Liner
1" Weld Pins for 1" 3-lb High Density Liner
1-1/8" Weld Pins for 1-1/2" Liner
1-1/2" and 2" Weld Pins for 2" Liner

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Self Adhesive Stick Pins with Washer

Self-Adhesive-Stick-PinsSelf Adhesive Washer with Stick Pin, installs manually. Each box includes Washers, 500 in a box.

Sizes include:
1-1/4" Pins for 1" Liner
2" Pins for 1-1/2" Liner
2- 1/2" Pins for 2" Liner
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Gripnail-Weld-PinsMechanical Fasteners Bangers
#50-1 for 1/2" Liner
#100-1 for 1" Liner.
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Gripnail Weld Pins

Gripnails#057 for 1/2" Liner
#107 for 1" Liner
#127 for 1" High Density Liner
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Gold Seal Weld Pins

Gold Seal Weld PinsDuro Dyne’s Gold Seal Pins are the recommended Weld Pin for Elastomeric Liner. Ideal because as the Adhesive Coating on the underside of washer acts as an insulator, protecting rubber from the heat caused when inserting the Weld Pins thru the Liner. Heat activated Gold Adhesive on the underside of the washer secures the Pin to the Liner facing during the welding process. Unlike Fiberglass Duct Liner which is best with some compression (¾” length Pin is standard for 1” Liner), the Elastomeric Liner requires no compression due to the density of the rubber.
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Spotter Pins

Spotter-PinsPN Spotter Pins with washer for hand operated Duro Dyne ToolItem Codes