Anchor Fasteners
Anchor Fasteners
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Nail Drive Anchors

Nail-Drive-AnchorsUsed when fastening to concrete or brick. A hole is drilled through the material and into the concrete. The anchor is inserted into the hole and through the material till the head is flush. Then the nail is hammered flush against the anchor which spreads the anchor apart and secures the material to the concrete.Item Codes

Drop In Anchors

Drop-In-AnchorsThreaded on one end and used to insert into concrete to hold either a threaded bolt or threaded rod for hanging. A hole is drilled into the concrete, the anchor is inserted. If material is being held, then a corresponding hole is drilled through the material and a bolt is inserted with a washer to hold the material to the concrete. In many applications a drop in anchor is inserted into a concrete ceiling till it is flush and all thread rod is screwed into the anchor for hanging ductwork or unit heaters.Item Codes