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ACR Copper Tube

ACR-Copper 20 Ft Straight sticks of hard drawn Copper used for Refrigerant line in commercial applications where there are typically long straight runs. Item Codes

Caddy Insulated Cushion Clamp for Strut Channel

CADDY-Insulated-Cushion-Clamp-for-Strut-Channel Insulated clamp that fits into open side of Channel and holds the pipe. Spec Sheet
Item Codes

Caddy Swift Clip Strut Clamp for ACR Copper

Caddy-Swift-Clip-Strut-Clamp-ACR-Copper Ideal for support of refrigeration pipe and conduit ; slides directly into Strut Channel, snaps together to secure insulated Pipe and Insulation providing a vapor barrier seal; which eliminates condensation on metal fittings. Spec Sheet

Caddy Copper Loop Hangers - for ACR Copper

CADDY-Copper-Loop-Hangers Method of suspending pipe. Spec Sheet
Item Codes

Single Piece Strut Clamp for ACR Copper Pipe

Single-piece-Strut-Clamp-for-ACR-Copper-Pipe One piece break apart strut clamp for securing ACR Copper pipe. Fits into open side of Strut Channel.

Line Sets

Linesets 35-ft and 50-ft Soft Copper rolled tubes with the Insulation pre-installed on the larger of the two ends. Used as Refrigerant line in residential and light commercial applications. Item Codes

Copper Rolled Tube

Copper-Rolled-Tube 50 ft Soft Copper rolled tubes (Linesets without the insulation) used when contractor prefers to buy out the insulation tubing separately. Item Codes


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Cutting Tools

ACR Copper Tools Tube Cutters for hard or soft Copper Tubing (1/4” to 1 5/8” O.D.). Makes clean, right-angle cuts with no burrs or chips to clog tubing. Features ball bearing feed, flare cut-off groove, retractable reamer and spare cutting wheel. Rugged Aluminum alloy body is designed for handling ease. Handy for cramped spaces so often encountered on installations or repairs. Item Codes

Bending Tools

Bending Tools Ratchet Style Tube Bender Kit Bends: 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, & 7/8 O.D. Soft Tubing. Includes Tube Cutter & Inner/Outter ReamerHand-operated ratchet design bends tubes easily Item Codes

Expanding Tools

Expanding Tools

7 Head Kit Fabricates and expands copper, aluminum and soft steel tubing using hydraulic power. Item Codes