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Standard Duct Wrap

Duct-WrapStandard Duct Wrap is FSK which means that it's jacket is alumimum foil with scrim threads. This FSK jacket also provides a fire resistant surface and a vapor barrier which allows it to meet ASTM and NFPA90 specs and prevents sweating. Commercial insulators use an ASJ (all service jacket) on pipe coverings and occasionally they use an ASJ white vinyl wrap to match the pipe coverings on boilers.Spec Sheet
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Fire Wrap

Fyre-Wrap1.5” Duct Insulation is specifically designed to offer flexible enclosure for 1 and 2 hour rated kitchen and grease duct exhaust. To meet NFPA requirements grease duct must get 2 layers, which will give zero clearance to combustibles.3M Spec Sheet
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Fiber Free

Fiber-Free-Duct-WrapReflectix is a completely fiber-free duct wrap made up of foil vapor barriers and large bubble core, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing
Achieves R6 installed whereas most bubble products only achieve R4 with single-layer application.
R8 may be reached by using spacers to create an air gap between layers.

Conklin stocks 1"x 48" x 75 Ft , R value of 8; K Value of .313
Manufacturer part number : HVBB48075
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Marine Wrap

Marine-WrapUsed to insulate ductwork for marine applications. Spec Sheet
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