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Capacitors These Single Capacitance Oval, Metal Can Capacitors are designed for continuous run. 440v dual capacitance models are round in a metal can. Item Codes

Hard Starts

Hard Starts Assist compressors in starting under adverse conditions. Item Codes


Transformers Provide the power source for heating, a/c, or refrigeration systems. The heavy duty model has external fuse or circuit breaker. Item Codes


Electrical Blade fuses available in 3 or 5 amps. Item Codes


Contactors Definite purpose contactors available in single, two, and three pole on large frames. Quick connect terminals for easy wiring. Item Codes


Relays This product features quick connect terminals with universal mounting with break-away tabs. Item Codes


Disconnects 60 amp non-fused in a metal case. Item Codes


Whips Liquid tight flexible conduit system. Available with metallic or non-metallic connectors in ½” and ¾” x 6-ft lengths. Item Codes


Conduit Liquid tight flexible Conduit and non-metallic fittings in 1/2" and 3/4". Item Codes

Conduit Fittings

Conduit Fittings Romex Connectors are Zinc Die Cast Cable Connectors for Romex Wire. EMT fittings used to join Conduit to boxes on enclosures. Item Codes

Cover Plates

Cover Plates Standard Steel Utility Boxes available in 4” x 4” or 4” x 2-1/5” and assorted variety of Steel Electrical Box Covers. Item Codes

Wire Nuts & Accessories

Wire Nuts Screw on Wire Connectors, Electrical Tapes and Terminal Kits. Item Codes