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Black Pipe

Black-PipeBlack Iron Pipe used for gas lines instead of Galvanized due to chemical reaction between Petroleum products and the Zinc coating.item Codes

Black Iron Fittings

Black-Iron-Fitting-2These Fittings are used to make connections to Black Iron Pipe.item Codes

Black Iron Nipple

Black-Iorn-NippleShort length's of pipe, threaded on each end, that are used to add fittings to a line or terminate into equipment supply. item Codes

Flexible Connectors

Flexible-ConnectorFlexible gas connector for hooking up gas furnaces.item Codes

Pipe Dope

Pipe-DopeThread sealing compound.item Codes

Ball Valves

Ball-ValveGas Ball Valves are high pressure valve’s and the gas valves are for normal gas pressure.item Codes

Gas Valves

Gas-ValveThese are used as a shutoff device for water, gas, or oil flowing through a pipeline.item Codes