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PVC-PipeCreates an avenue for water flow or used as a vent.Item Codes


PVC-CouplerCouplings used to connect PVC Pipe.Item Codes

90 Degree Elbow

PVC-90-Degree-ElbowElbows used to change direction of the flow.Item Codes

45 Degree Elbow

PVC-45-Degree-ElbowElbows used to change direction of the flow.Item Codes

Male Adapter

PVC-Male-AdapterMale Adapter used to connect to Female pipe threads.Item Codes

Female Adapter

PVC-Female-AdapterFemale Adapter used to connect to Male pipe threads.Item Codes

Drain Pan Adapter

PVC-Drain-Pan-AdapterDrain Pan Adapter are used to connect the drain line. Item Codes


PVC-TeeTee's are used to branch off a line or run 2 lines into 1.Item Codes

Slip Cap

PVC-Slip-CapCaps are used to terminate a line.Item Codes


PVC-ThreadedCaps are used to terminate a line - Plugs are used to terminate a line.Item Codes


PVC-BushingBushings are used to reduce the size of the line.Item Codes


PVC-ReducerReducers change the size of the pipe.Item Codes


PVC-UnionUnions are used to make a quick connection or to break a line.Item Codes

Ball Valve

PVC-Ball-ValveValves are used to control the flow of waterItem Codes


PVC-TrapFull flow condensate traps.Item Codes


PVC-GllueUsed in wet conditions or where quick pressurization is desired; Glue used to join fittings to the pipe.Item Codes


PVC-PrimerThe purpose of Primer is to begin the chemical reaction that softens PVC & to provide an evenly prepped surface for the epoxy solvent.Item Codes


PVC-CutterPVC Cutter is a tool to cut PVC Pipe to length.Item Codes


PVC-LinesetsCoupling connects 2 pieces of PVC duct, used to protect & hide linesets on exterior walls of homes and buildings. Kit includes 12 ft. of duct and fittings for a standard installation.
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