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Duro Dyne
Hanging System

Duro-Dyne-Hanging-SystemHigh Tensile Wire Rope is an Alternative to 1" wide hanger strapping or Threaded Rod and Strut as a means to hang Spiral.

It allows the installer to position the hangers vertically or at an angle.
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Cable Locks

Cable-LocksBlock like hanger, used with wire cable for a fast method of hanging Round Duct. Feature an easy release pin for adjustments without the need for tools.

▪CL12 Cable Lock: Load limit of 150-lbs., used with 3/32” Wire Rope and the most common size used on 6”–20” diameter Spiral. 100 per box
▪CL18 Cable Lock: Load limit of 225-lbs. when used with 1/8” Wire Rope, 150-lbs. when used with 3/32” Wire Rope. 100 per box
▪CL23 Cable Lock: Load limit of 640-lbs. when used with 3/16” Wire Rope and 250-lbs. when used with 1/8” Wire Rope. 100 per box
▪CL25 Cable Lock : min weight of 50-lbs and max of 1,100-lbs weight load. Used with ¼” Wire Rope. 50 per box

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Wire Rope

Wire-Rope-Spools3/32” x 500-ft. spool, 1/8” x 500-ft. spool, and 3/16” x 250-ft. spool and ¼” in 250-ft spool.

The WC3 and WC4 are 7 strands of 9 strands and the WC6 and WC8 are 7 strands of 19 strands of Aircraft Quality Cable. (There’s also a special heavy duty #30344 Wire Rope Cutter especially for the WC8 Wire)
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Looped Cables

Looped CableAlternative to cutting from a spool. Cables pre-looped in 1-1/2” or 3” and in 10-ft., 15-ft. or 25-ft. lengths.Spec Sheet
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KV Bracket

KV-Braket-AssemblyFastens the Cable Lock to the duct. Once attached to the duct, the Wire Rope “drop” is passed into the entry hole at top of Bracket, through the Cable Lock, and out the exit hole at the bottom. Locking teeth inside the Cable Lock engage the Wire Rope and secure the duct. The KV12 Bracket Assembly and the CL12 have a working load limit of 150-lbs.Spec Sheet
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Cable Cutter

Cable-CutterWire Cable Cutter ensures that the form is maintained prior to insertion.Item Code