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Wellsaw Model 58BW Cold Saw

Cold Saws A Cold Saw uses a circular Saw Blade, cuts fast, accurate, with minimal burr, no sparks and no dust and without heat generated to the Blade and material (unlike an abrasive Saw). The 58BW is the smallest wet cut Bandsaw Wellsaw makes and the ideal Saw for every duct fab shop. This Saw cuts 9.5" Pipe and converts to a vertical using the included work table. The contractor can stack and cut Galvanized Angle, multiple cuts of Strut and multiple sticks of Threaded Rod and Flat Bar. The included wheel and handle kit allows the Saw to be moved to the job-site or stored out of the way in the shop. The highly efficient ring and pinion gear drive only requests 1/2 HP. A 120-volt motor is standard with 230 available as an option. Spec Sheet

WF Wells W-9-1 Horizontal

Bandsaw Guillotine Bandsaw with Twin Column Design that reduces Blade deflection to provide greater accuracy and performance along with longer Blade life. This Saw, made in USA has features that include console controlled Blade speed, easy Blade change and an automatic end of cut shut off that sets it apart from other heavy duty Bandsaw's. Spec Sheet
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