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Double Cut
Hand Shears

Double-Cut-Hand-Shear Double Cut Shears - great for straight cuts, and for Spiral duct, less so for cutting curves. These Shears have a center cutting blade that operates between the double jaw when cutting and hence a rolled waste strip is produced. Spec Sheets
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Electric-Uni-Shears Unishears cut like Hand Snips and have a rotating head so that they can cut curves. Spec Sheets
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Nibbler Nibblers punch the metal out by pinching and shearing; it's ideal for panels and for going around corners and tight circles on sides of duct work and roof curbs. On the occasion that contractor needs to remove metal from already assembled curb, he punches a hole in a tight spot and uses nibbler to snip away unwanted metal. Not recommended for straight cuts. Spec Sheets
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Cordless Hand Shears Trumpf's newest product offering; ideal for job sites. Also provides you with an open view of the workpiece enabling precise cutting according to plan, for both straight and curved cuts. Spec Sheets
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Malco Turbo Shears

Malco-Turbo-Shears The Malco Turbo Shear is simply an attachment for 3/8" Drills. It's a scissor type Shear, cordless because the drill itself is cordless. Cuts curves better to the left than the right. The Drill must be held properly. Spec Sheets
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