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Roust A-Bout

Pipe Lifts

• Enables one man to perform as a crew
• Lift and place loads in tight locations impossible for other lifts
• 8" casters permit the full load to be positioned with ease
• Tee Head Extension available for wider loads up to 1,000-lbs
• Eliminates the need for come a longs, scaffolds, monorails and swing booms

R100 - $3,234.46Spec Sheet
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Max Jax—Stationary

Max Jax

• Used as a Jack stand & can handle large diameter pipe up to 36"
• The 1-3/4" vee head shaft permits the welder to position loads up to 2,500 lb with ease
• Can be used for material handling when equipped with the Caster Kit and the Sumner Hold Down Device

$320.00Item Codes

Max Jax—On Rollers

Max Jax

• Available with 5 heavy duty metal coaster wheels and rollers on the V Heads
• Allows versatility both in moving the stand around but also in working on the pipe. When ordering this model, please specify Max Jax Kit

$495.29Spec Sheet
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Heavy Duty
Pipe Stand

Heavy Duty Jack

• Set screw for double margin of safety
• Set screw can lock jack head to stand for transportation – no loose pieces
• Jack independently load tested for quality assurance
• CE rated
• Backed by over forty years of jack stand manufacturing experience

$61.74Item Codes
Spec Sheet

Pro Roll

Heavy Duty Jack

• Designed for fast adjustment from either side and easy pipe maneuverability
• Adjusts from 29” to 43” and has steel wheels, bronze bearings and a 2,000 lb capacity

$158.86 (Base Only)Spec Sheet

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Heavy Duty Jack

• Hi Adjust-A-Roll stands 31" (78 cm) high
• Lo Adjust-A-Roll stands 24" (61 cm) high
• Roller adjustment from either side
• Fast adjustment for easy pipe positioning
• 1/2" to 36" (12 – 900 mm), or 2,000 Lb (900 kg) pipe capacity
• Clean and simple design avoids welder interference
• Wheels trued for true pipe rotation
• Bronze bearing to eliminate arcing
• Brake to lock loads for layout or fit-up
• Handle large enough to work with gloved hand
• Replacement legs available for easy repair

ADROLHI - $144.59

ADROLLO - $144.59

Spec Sheet