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Trumpf Pittsburgh Seam Closers are Hand Held Electric Tools that folds the flange over to lock the Pittsburgh seam together. With its “roller” design, it makes for a very quiet and fast process. The 110v operation allows for shop or field use, however 220v is available on special order. F301 is far and away Conklin’s biggest seller, it has a capacity of 20-26 Gauge Galvanized, requires a 5/16” min flange height (works best on 3/8” high flange) For shorter flange height requirements, Trumpf offers the F305, 20-26 Gauge capacity. For heavier Pittsburgh locks, Trumpf offers the F300; 18 Gauge capacity, but is not recommended for anything lighter than 20 Gauge. Spec Sheet
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Air Hammer - Straight Grip

Superior-Seam-Closer Superior Pneumatic’s straight grip 16 Gauge capacity and 22 Gauge capacity models. Spec Sheet
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Air Hammer - Pistol Grip

Air Hammer - Pistol Grip Superior Pneumatic’s Pistol grip, 16 ga capacity models. Item Codes