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Vicon 510

Vicon-510This rugged yet flexible Plasma Cutting Machine is the solution for the optimal processing of HVAC duct fittings. Fast, clean and accurate, this CNC Cutting System drastically reduces waste material and operating costs resulting in greater profitability.Spec Sheet
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Vicon 520

Vicon-520Increase your productivity by at least 40% over the Model 510 with the Vicon 520 Double Table Plasma Cutting System! This system offers all of the same features and benefits as the standard Vicon 510 system... and more!Spec Sheet

Vicon 520-DL

Vicon-520-DLVersatility to the maximum! Cut Metal or Liner without any setup. Cut your Metal on bed 1 and your liner on bed 2. You can also convert the machine to cut Metal or Liner on the entire 20 plus foot cutting area. The new Vicon patented process automates Duct Liner cutting, making it clean, dry, fast, smokeless and accurate. In addition, Liner waste is greatly reduced adding to the increased profits.Spec Sheet
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