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Power-Flangers Pittsburgh lock seams are the choice for radius elbows and fittings because the male part of the lock can be formed on a Flanger and then the Pitts lock seam itself formed on a flat sheet and then rolled to the radius . The Power Flanger is utilized to turn a radius flange for use on Pitts Lock seams when elbows or curved fittings are needed. It's an option to the manual bench mount Easy Edger and the Auto Guide Flanging attachment sold as an accessory on many 20 ga standard Pitts Machines .

20 ga turns a 7/32" high flange for 5/16" pocket depth on 20 ga thru 26 ga.
18 ga turns a 1/4" high flange for 3/8" pocket depth on 18 thru 22 ga .
16 ga turns a 3/8" high flange for 1/2" pocket depth and runs 16 ga thru 20 ga .

We carry 20 Gauge, 18 Gauge, and 16 Gauge Machines.

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