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Flagler Quadformer

Flagler-Quadformer With (10) Forming Stations, the Flagler Quadformer comes standard with "S" and Drive Cleat on the inboard forming positions with fast forming speeds of 100 feet per minute. Machine has two Outboard Auxiliary Shafts which allow for your choice of Male or Female Button Lock, or Pittsburgh and 3-in-1 Rolls. The optional Quad Cutter attachment saves time & material by slitting blanks for "S" & Drive Cleats. Spec Sheet
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Vicon V8 Rollformer

Vicon-V8-Rollformer The Vicon V8 Slip & Drive Rollformer produces connections that exceed the standards set by SMACNA. This Eight Station Rollformer is equipped with Flat "S" and Drive Cleat tooling inboard and can be equipped with your choice of outboard tooling such as Pittsburgh, Snaplock, 4-in-1, or Acme Lock Rolls depending on shop requirements. An optional High Speed Slitter is available to produce Slips and Drives from scrap Metal, saving labor and material. Spec Sheet
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