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52" Stomp Shear

51in-Stomp-ShearTennsmith's 52" 16 Gauge Foot Squaring Shear has a capacity of 20 Gauge Stainless. This machine comes standard with a Back Gauge, Front Extension Arms, Squaring Arm is optional. Also available in a 36" wide model.Spec Sheet
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52" Power Shear

52in-Power-ShearTennsmith's 52" 16 Gauge Hydraulic Shear has a capacity of 20 Gauge Stainless and runs off of 230volt/3 phase electrics. This 52H model cycles at 45 strokes per minute. Also available in Single Phase Electrics from factory; reduces speed by 3-strokes per minute; $300.00 adder.

Tennsmith also manufactures this machine in Pneumatic. The 52A requires an Air Supply of 75psi and will provide up to 40 strokes per minute.

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Mechanical Shear LM

Mechanical-ShearsTennsmith makes a variety of low profile Mechanical Shears highlighted by its biggest selling model the LM1014 (10-FT 14 Gauge capacity). Weighing in at 6,300-lbs, this machine runs standard off of 230volt/3phase electrics. It has a 5-HP motor and requires 30amps. Standard with a Front Operated 30” Back Gauge and sold typically as in a Performance Package with Front Return and Rear Drop. This package includes a 4-FT Squaring Arm, a pair of Front Support Arms, and an Air Operated Sheet Support System with your choice of either Front or Rear material drop. 35-strokes per minute. The holding mechanism on this machine is individual hold down feet which exerts greater holding force particularly in the center of the machine.Spec Sheet
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Mechanical Shear MSE

LM Series ShearTypically a Shear sold to Roofing Contractors because of its solid bar hold down system which decreases the marks left on softer metals like Copper and Aluminum, this Shear is built on a lighter frame than the LM. The MSE1016 weighs in at 4,250-lbs, has a 3-HP motor, 16 Gauge capacity, but is fast at 40-strokes per minute. All MSE Series Shears are sold with the Performance Package. Like the LM Series, the MSE comes standard with Front Operated 30” Back Gauge.Spec Sheet

Heavy Duty Mechanical Shears

Heavy-Duty-Mechanical-ShearsAlso low profile led by the most popular of which is the LM1010 Mechanical Shear that has a capacity of 14 Gauge Stainless. This machine comes with a variety of options.Spec Sheet
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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Plate Shear

Heavy-Duty-Hydraulic-Plate-ShearBetenbender makes a variety of low profile Hydraulic Shears led by the popular model 10-250 which has a capacity of 10' x 1/4" mild Steel.Spec Sheet