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TF 3600

Tubeformer 3600Spiral Helix's Model 3600 Tubeformer has a 18 Gauge Mild Steel capacity and the ability to run 3”-64” diameters. The base machine comes standard in 20 Gauge capacity with the forming heads of 6"-36" diameter included. Tooling for 18 Gauge capacity is added easily at an additional cost. Forming heads for diameters other than the ones included are in stock at the factory and installed easily by the producer.Spec Sheet
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TF X20

Tubeformer X20With a smaller motor and gear box the X20 was introduced as a lower cost option for HVAC contractors. Running at a capacity of 20 Gauge Mild Steel, this machine has the capacity to produce 4"-50" diameter Spiral. The X20 utilizes the same forming head technology as the 3600 and is a true 50” diameter capacity machine, however it is limited by 20 Gauge Galvanized (or 24 Gauge Stainless) at these diameters.

Price quotes for this Machine are structured around the customers diameter requirements. So please contact Conklin for more information.
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