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Vicon-V-TDX-BVicon Model V-TDX-B 5-FT 16 Gauge Duct Brake. TDX Duct Brake has an adjustable drop down squaring arm on the front table, the front table is adjustable for the difference in height from TDX, TDF and TDC Duct to Slip and Drive Duct.The middle gauge bar centers itself on the notch of the flange or the notch of the Slip & Drive Duct. The gauge bar also drops out of the way during the bending process. The machine also has an adjustable timer so that the cycle time can be sped up or slowed down, depending on the operator's comfort level of using the machine.

Another benefit is the ability to bend lined duct without crushing the Pins because the upper beam is recessed forward 2".
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HBT72-16Tennsmith Model HBT72-16 6-FT 16 Gauge Heavy Duty Universal Hand Brake. Used in conjunction with TDC/TDF Roll Former to make the actual bends in the part. Removable upper/lower fingers allow the complex bends required.Spec Sheet
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