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GalvannealGalvanneal is the main Paintgrip used in the duct fabrication industry taking the place of Phos Bond which used to be the only option many years ago. A40 Galvanneal is the most commonly used coating, while A60 is less popular because it tends to be too powdery when it sits unpainted too long. Galvanneal does not flake off its Galvanized coating when formed which makes it ideal for HVAC duct shops that use it in the roll forming processes of making Pittsburgh locking seams. The matte finish acts like a primer, allowing paint to adhere easily, and is rust proof if kept indoors before painting. Galvanneal has good paint ability, weld ability, corrosion resistance, and form ability. It is extensively used in the automotive and signage industry. Spec Sheet
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Galvanneal CoilGalvanneal is Carbon Steel coated with Zinc/Iron Alloy on both sides. The Zinc/Iron Alloy allows for easy paint adherence. Conklin stocks various gauges ranging from 26 Gauge to as heavy as 16 Gauge in widths of 48" and 60", however 75% of our volume is 24 Gauge and 22 Gauge 60" Wide and 5.394" Wide Spiral Duct Coils used by HVAC duct fab shops.

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