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Painted Black Galvanized Sheets

Painted-Black-Galvanized-SheetsWhen a Fireplace chaise (runs from the fireplace to above the roof) is built, it’s very rare that the chimney cap (the piece with the hole in middle) is the exact measurement it’s supposed to be. Therefore Chimney Caps are not typically in standard sizes - they are instead made per requirement. Also, a shroud (with legs and roof and sometimes even with a screen to keep birds out) is often installed above the Chimney Cap.

Items used to manufacture the Chimney Caps and Shrouds include 26 Gauge Painted Black in 3-ft x 10-ft and 4-ft x 8-ft sheets. Plain unpainted Galvanized is sometimes used for the pan and that’s typically made from 26 Gauge 5-ft x 10-ft.

16oz Copper Sheet is used on the Chimney Caps, Shrouds and Pans for some higher end homes

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