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CouplingSPIRAmir® Gasketed Pipe-to-Pipe Couplings save labor, time and money, while offering a -12/+12” w.g. gauge seal without additional Mastic or Tape.Item Codes

End Cap

End CapDie Stamped, Gasketed SPIRAmir® End Caps offer a seamless -12/+12”w.g finish to your spiral runs.Item Codes

Reducing Coupling

Reducing CouplingDie Stamped, Gasketed SPIRAmir® Reducers offer an easy install and -12/+12” w.g seals, without additional Mastic or Tape.Item Codes

Bellmouth Takeoff

Bellmouth TakeoffDie Stamped and Gasketed SPIRAmir® Bellmouth Takeoffs are the perfect low-profile Fitting when running Spiral off of flat duct.Item Codes
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Gasketed Die
Stamped Elbow

Gasketed-ElbowSPIRAmir® Gasketed Die Stamped and Gored Elbows create an aesthetically pleasing, high pressure seal without the need for Mastic, Tape or Screws. Easy to install and a consistent fit.
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Gored Elbows

Gasketed-Gored-ElbowsGasketed Elbows, and other Gasketed Fittings, are self-sealing, using an e.p.d.m material that makes for an air tight and energy efficient duct design. There is no need for an exterior Duct Sealant or Tape which reduces field labor and application mistakes.Item Codes