While a conical provides better air flow than a standard straight sided Airtite Takeoff, the HETO surpasses even the conical for the best air movement.

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Southwark-HETOSouthwark Shoetap HETO with Damper & 2" Standoff.
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Shoe-Tap-HETOHigh Efficiency Rectangular Fitting Takeoff with Stick on Gasketing/Airtite and designed with an increase on the upstream side of the fitting for maximum airflow making the system more efficient, easier to balance and energy saving. Referred to as the round neck size, 6", 8" etc. Factory sealed product. Spec Sheet
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Greenseam —Rossi

Rossi Shoe Tap Heto

Factory sealed 3/8" full rod heavy duty hardware with an orange, plenum rated nylon locking knob with precise locking mechanism that allows damper to be locked in any position for critical balancing applications.

The Rossi hardware and orange knob allows the damper to be locked in any position vs. the standard locking points. Plenum rated and UL listed knob. Factory sealed product.
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