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Spiral-Connector-Product Consists of 2-Flange Rings (one for each section of Pipe) and one closure Ring (to secure the connection). Pocket of the Spiralmate Flange contains Ductmate 5511M Mastic creating a self-sealing Flange. No additional Sealants are required between the Flange and the Spiral Pipe. One Bolt Closure Band provides a quick and easy connection of two sections of Pipe and eliminates the need to connect duct sections with TEK Screws every 6"-10" around the circumference of the duct. Sold as a set (complete connection). Spec Sheet

ECONOflange-Single Wall

Econoflange Flanged duct connecting system for spiral pipe similar to Accuflange. Rings for single wall pipe are available in standard sizes from 8” to 72” (2” increments). easy and efficient to install, fastened internally to pipe and fittings with tack welds or TEK Screws and sealed with Mastic, then joined with Gasket and TEK Screws. Rings are sold individually. Spec Sheet

SMACNA Class Letter

ECONOflange-Double Wall

Econoflange Ductmate's ECONOflange system is also available for Double wall spiral pipe in standard sizes from 10” to 72” for 1” insulation (2” increments) and from 16” to 72” for 2” insulation (2” increments). Available as a one piece system with the inner ring factory welded to the outer flange, or as a two piece system with the inner ring separate from the outer flange. The installation of the double wall system is similar to single wall. The inner ring of the ECONOflange double wall system is slightly longer than the outer flange. Spec Sheet

#842 Coupling

842-Coupling Our #842 Coupling is the most basic method of connecting Spiral Pipe. It is a slip joint with a bead in the middle that slides in each end section of duct. Spec Sheet


Quicksleeve Band-clamp connection available with a single-bolt connection for 3” through 18” diameter ducts and a double-bolt connection for 4” through 18” diameter ducts. Provides a simple, leak-free connection for round ducts used in air-conditioning, ventilation and dust collection systems. Spec Sheet