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Tee Joint

Tee JointItem Code: 810

Spec Sheet

Conical Tee

Conical TeeItem Code: 811

Spec Sheet

Reducing Tee

Reducing TeeItem Code: 812

Spec Sheet


Cross FittingItem Code: 813

Spec Sheet

Reducing Cross

Reducing CrossItem Code: 814

Spec Sheet


Lateral FittingItem Code: 820

Spec Sheet

Reducing Lateral

Reducing LateralItem Code: 821

Double Reducing Lateral

Double Reducing LateralItem Code: 822

Bull Wye

Bull WyeItem Code: 823

Spec Sheet

90° Saddle Branch

Saddle BranchShown with optional Damper & Standoff (#824DSO) Item Code: 824

Spec Sheet

Saddle Tap

Saddle TapItem Code: 825


ReducerItem Code: 830

Spec Sheet

Eccentric Reducer

Eccentric ReducerItem Code: 831

Square to Round

Square to RoundItem Code: 840


Offset FittingItem Code: 841

End Cap

End CapItem Code: 843

Spec Sheet

Galvanized Register Takeoff - 26 Gauge

End CapItem Code: 844

Spec Sheet

Plug End Cap

Plug End CapItem Code: 843P

Bell Mouth

Bell MouthItem Code: 850
Spec Sheet

Stamped Saddle Tap

Stamped Saddle TapItem Code: 854