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Spiral Pipe

Spiral-Pipes4”–20” in all diameters; 22”–38” in even sizes only 26-20 Gauge Galvanized. 26, 24 and 22 Gauge GALVANNEAL, 26 Gauge Stainless Steel. Standard lengths are 10-ft and 20-ft. Other lengths (under 20-ft) are available upon request.
Machine: Spiral Helix 200-H - Made in USA. With patented flying slitter which produces burr free ends.
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Spiracoustic Liner

Spiracoustic-LinerJM Spiracoustic Plus is an interior Duct Liner system engineered and designed to provide industry leading acoustical and thermal performance for spiral duct and fittings.Spec Sheet
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Ecco Spiral Elbows

Ecco-Spiral-ElbowsA cost savings over the Die Stamped Elbow with a continuous Spiral look. Will fit any Spiral Pipe in the market, yellow label union made, fabricated for a slip-fit connection in a duct system. A deep stop-bead is formed back from the ends to ensure proper assembly and alignment. The Elbows are made “fitting size” (male ends) on both ends for insertion into the Spiral Pipe sections. All of these Spiral Elbows (4”-18”) are 26 gauge which meets SMACNA. Available in Galvanized only.
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Short Radius Spiral Elbows

Short-Radius-Spiral-ElbowUsed at times when less height space is available. Short Radius Elbows are 1x the throat diameter.Spec Sheet
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Die Stamped Elbows

Die-Stamped-ElbowsOne piece construction made from 24 Gauge Galvanized material. Available in 3", 4", 5", 6", 8" & 10" diameters in either 45 or 90 degree radius. Centerline radius = 1.5x diameter.Item Codes

Gored Elbows

Gored-ElbowsConklin's Gored Elbows consist of rolled pieces joined by a standing seam connection across the outside and are produced to fit inside our Spiral Pipe. Gored Elbows can also be made to connect with Angle Rings if specified. Available in diameters 5" thru 42" (max gauge capacity is 20 Gauge Galvanized). 90, 45 and 30 degree available. Center line radius is 1.5x the diameter for 23" and under and 1x the diameter for 24" and over. Spec Sheet
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Gasketed Die Stamped Elbows

Gasketed-ElbowSPIRAmir ® Gasketed Die Stamped and Gored Elbows create an aesthetically pleasing, high pressure seal without the need for Mastic, Tape or Screws. Easy to install and a consistent fit.
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Gasketed Gored Elbows

Gasketed-Gored-ElbowsGasketed Elbows, and other Gasketed Fittings, are self-sealing, using an e.p.d.m material that makes for an air tight and energy efficient duct design. There is no need for an exterior Duct Sealant or Tape which reduces field labor and application mistakes.Item Codes