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Standard Grade Butyl Gasket

Standard-Grade-Butyl3/16" thick x 5/8" wide x 25' long Sticky Tape used for TDC/TDF and Ductmate connections. Also available in 1/2" wide. Spec Sheets
Duro Dyne
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Premium Grade Butyl Gasket

Gasket3/16" thick x 5/8" wide x 25' long DM440 Butyl Gasket is Ductmate's premium product, developed specifically for their 4-bolt connection systems. Made entirely of virgin material and a bit stiffer and more tightly wound than the sticky tape.Spec Sheet
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Neoprene Gasket

Neoprene5/16" thick x 3/4" wide x 50' long (15 rolls per box) closed cell rubber based sealing tape primarily used for connecting duct work which must be taken apart periodically. Skid quantity : 450 rolls / 30 cases/ 22,500 ft. 450 rolls /30 cases/ 22,500 ft per pallet. Spec Sheet
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