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Black—Eco Pad

Condenser-Pad-Black-Eco-PadInjection molded equipment pad that is extremely durable, and resistant to ultraviolet light. Conklin stocks 2" High and 3" High Black in various square sizesSpec Sheet
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Gray—E Lite

Condenser-Pad-Gray-E-LitePolypropylene - DiversiTech’s most popular pad due to its rugged durability, strength, and clean looks. Conklin stocks 2" High and 3" High Gray in various square sizesSpec Sheet


Condenser Pad ConcreteDesigned specifically for the hurricane prone regions of Florida and the Gulf Coast, The Hurricane Pad™ meets stringent local code requirements for wind resistance. Heavier than a normal concrete pad, this 4” pad provides sufficient weight to meet code.Spec Sheet
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Anti Vibration

Condenser-Pad-Anti-VibrationUsed to reduce vibration and noise produced by HVAC equipment; typically one pad on each corner of unit and one in middle. Grooved design outperforms solid rubber in lessening vibration.Spec Sheet
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