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Copper 45 and 90 Degree Elbows

Copper-45-and-90-Degree-ElbowsUsed to change the direction of the flow of water or Refrigerants, connected directly to a Pipe.Item Codes

Copper Street Elbows

Copper-Street-ElbowsConnected to a Copper fitting instead of pipe.Item Codes

Copper Reducers

Copper-ReducersReducer Couplings connect two different sizes of Pipe.Item Codes

Copper Adapters

Copper-AdaptersUsed for a Drain Pan Outlet.Item Codes

Copper Couplings

Copper-CouplingUsed to connect two pieces of Pipe together.Item Codes

Valve Tubes

Valve-TubesA convenient port for refrigeration servicing such as charging, purging, quick testing, or pressure checking.Item Codes

Silver Solder

Silver-SolderSolder is a fusible alloy and is required to securely connect a Copper fitting to a Copper Pipe. The connections are liquid and gas tight.

Yellow label is 6% silver; Red label is 15% silver; 1lb. tubes.
Item Codes