Water Based
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Lightly Fibrous

Gray-Lightly-FibrousHardcast DS321 is a UL 181 listed duct sealant preferred by mechanical contractors because of its economical price and easy application. An alternative is the Ductmate EZseal.DS321
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Gray or White
Heavily Fibrous

Gray-or-White-Heavily-FibrousHardcast CCW 181 white is a heavily fibrous product widely used in new construction and residential. Alternatives are the Ductmate EVERseal, Hardcast 102 Versa Grip, and Mon-Eco 48-81.CCW 181
Versa Grip
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Fiber Free

Fiber-FreeHardcast's 550 Flex Grip is one of several fiber free water based duct sealants that we stock. Preferred by contractors desiring a product that does not crack but stays flexible after it dries. We also stock the Ductmate PROseal and EVERseal and the Hardcast 601- Iron Grip. Flex Grip
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Spray Grade

Spray-Grade-SealantFor contractors choosing the labor savings of applying Duct Sealant by Spray System rather than manual brush on, Conklin offers the Hardcast Spray Seal and Ductmate PROseal Spray. These are fiber free sealantswith a lower viscosity ( thinner material) formulated to use thru a Spray System. Standard PROseal and 550 Flex Grip are intended for brush on application but can be sprayed if a larger size spray tip is used.Spray-Seal
Spray Grade
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Solvent Based
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Gray-Light-Consistancy404 Sure Grip solvent based synthetic rubber mastic national best seller in the solvent based sealant category.Spec Sheet
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Hardcast44-52 Eco-Seal gray solvent based mastic applies easily, dries quickly, and adheres strongly.Spec Sheet


PolymerSpec Sheet
Rolled Mastic
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Duct Sealant
On a Roll

Duct-sealant-on-a-rollContractors that do more add on/replacement work (vs new construction) will often bypasss
the standard bucket and brush application in favor of the mastic on a 2” or 3” wide roll with a peel away strippable film, a product which
has the benefits of labor savings, a clean application, immediate tack and easy to tear zero.
1402 Spec Sheet
1403 Spec Sheet
1404 Spec Sheet
Aluma Grip
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Mobile Spray System
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Spray System

Spray SystemHardcast's Mobile Sealant Delivery system saves the labor of manual brushing and makes for a cleaner looking application.Spec Sheet
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Sealant – Application Accessories
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BrushesChip Brushes avaliable in 1 1/2", 2", and 3" sizes.Item Codes

Caulk Gun

Caulk-GunDuro Dyne's SG1 Caulk Gun is a heavy-duty professional quality skeleton caulking gun with “no drip” feature, spout cutter, seal puncture tool and ladder hook for hanging when not in use.Spec Sheet
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