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100-ft Boxes

100ft-Hanger-Strap 100-ft Boxes of 1" coiled Hanger Strap. Easy to handle convenient for job sites. Spec Sheet
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10-ft Strips

Hanger-Strap-10( 10-ft Strips of 1" Strap often preferred when a contractor wants to avoid the challenge of cutting Coils or rolls of Strapping in the field.

Most common is 22 Gauge which will support 260-lbs, then 20 Gauge which will support 320-lbs. 18 Gauge is used by many contractors to simplify and utilize one gauge to hang duct.

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Hanger-Strap-Coil 100-LB Coils with a 20” I.D. and 30” O.D. 1" 18 Gauge Strapping is the most commonly bought. Conklin stocks 20 Gauge and 22 Gauge as well. SMACNA Standards
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Round Duct Strap Brackets

Hanger-Strap-bracket No tools needed, can be used with ductwork up to 50” in diameter, Fits Strapping 1” in width, gauges 18-22, Can be used with Rod 5/16” – 3/8”. Spec Sheet
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Nylon Hanging
Strap In Boxes

Nylon-Hanger 1-3/4" wide x 300-ft rolls Nova Strap is a lightweight, low-cost fabric of high-strength design for hanging ducts in residential. 24 rolls per box. Item Codes

Plumber's Strap

Plumber's-Strap Perforated Strap referred to as plumber strap because HVAC contractors got it from plumbers who were the first to use it. Item Codes

Fyre Strap

Fyre Strap 200-ft rolls of 1/2" Stainless Steel Band. The Clips to secure the band around the grease duct come in 100 piece bags of 1/2" Wing Seals. Item Codes