Surface mounted solution for supporting Ductwork and HVAC Equipment on a roof.

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Caddy Pyramid H-Frame

CADDY PYRAMID-H-FrameGalvanized Rubber rooftop interface protects roof membrane despite varying roof surfaces and shifting caused by expansion and contraction.Spec Sheet
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Caddy Pyramid Equipment Supports

CADDY-PYRAMID-Equipment-SupportsSupports heavy-duty HVAC units on rooftop surfaces.Spec Sheet

Caddy Pyramid Supports

CADDY-PYRAMID-SupportsDesigned to provide reliable support and distribute load across roof surface, much easier to install than using wood blocks and metal straps.Spec Sheet

Caddy Pyramid Fixed Strut Support

CADDY-PYRAMID-ST-Strut-Based-SupportsFast and easy method for mounting electrical and mechanical applications to strut; Provides a fixed-height mounting platform 4.8" or 6.4" off the roof surface with 6", 10", or 16" of usable strut length.Spec Sheet

Caddy Pyramid Adjustable Strut Support

CADDY-PYRAMID-ST-Adjustable-Strut-SupportAllows elevation changes of up to 18" off the roof surface with 10" or 16" of usable strut length.Conklin stocks the 10" long model which adjusts from 6" to 13" high. Also available is the 16" Long which adjusts from 7" to 18" high Spec Sheet
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Caddy Pyramid Roller-Based Supports

CADDY-PYRAMID-RL-Roller-Based-SupportsPolymeric rollers for corrosion free rotation and designed to avoid formation of flat spots during expansion and contraction.Spec Sheet
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EZ Rubber Based Supports

EZ-Rubber-Based-SupportsUV stabilized EPDM material, height adjustment ideal for uneven roofs, no tools needed.Spec Sheet
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