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Spiral Coils

Spiral-Slit-CoilMany Duct Fabricators and Mechanical Contractors now have their own Spiral Pipe producing capability. The standard width of coil used is 5.394"

For many "below the ceiling" projects, exposed Spiral has become more popular. This Pipe is often painted and for that reason a paintable Galvanized (called Galvanneal) is ideal. Conklin stocks 26, 24, 22 and 20 Gauge Galvanneal 5.394" Slit Coil.

Coil weights vary from 1,200-lbs to 2,000-lbs.
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Vane Coils

Vane-Slit-CoilMany Duct Fabricators and larger Mechanical Contractors run the 2" Double Wall Turning Vane on Harper Vanemakers. The width of Coil used for this is 3.5"

Conklin stocks 3.5" wide 26 Gauge Vane Coils in 200-lb and 750-lb increments.
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Drive Cleat Coils
Flat "S" Lock Coils
Standing "S" Lock Coils

S-and-Drive-Slit-CoilConklin stocks the following...
26 Gauge and 24 Gauge 2.125" wide for Drive Cleat
26 Gauge and 24 Gauge 3.625" wide for Flat "S" Lock,
26 Gauge, 24 Gauge 22 Gauge in 6.25" wide for Standing "S" Lock.
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