Sleeved dampers are used with spiral and snaplock pipe where a damper is needed on branch ductwork to regulate air flow. 6″ or 8” long, crimped on one end; damper hardware available flush to fitting or with a 2″ standoff to raise it above any fiberglass Duct Wrap.  Slides into the pipe, fastened with screws and brushed with duct sealant.

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#40 Damper Section

40-Damper-SectionSpec Sheet
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#40 Damper Section w/ Raised Quadrant (DS40RQ)

40-Damper-Section-with-Raised-Quadrant-DS40RQSpec Sheet
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Greenseam w/ Standoff and Rossi Orange Knob Damper Hardware

Greenseam-with-Standoff-and-Rossi-orange-knob-damper-hardwareSpec Sheet
Rossi Standoff