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Four bolt flange systems meet a SMACNA classification of T24 and thus offer the contractor the ability to downsize the gauge of the duct wall. Ductmate and Ward style flange systems use integral mastic which seals the flange to the duct wall and a butyl gasket between the flanges to virtually eliminate air leakage, making for the highest pressure class of ductwork.

Later, free standing machines that could roll a flange to the end of the duct joint were introduced ( TDC and TDF ) . While this innovative design reduced some labor, it had some deficiencies. The flange was rolled from the same gauge as the duct so there was no strength advantage. Therefore in order to meet duct deflection standards from SMACNA, additional exterior or interior reinforcing was necessary. Both of these required additional products such as angle or tie rods and it involved additional labor. Also, TDC/TDF duct joints are as much as 7% shorter than four bolt duct joints and therefore could require additional connections.

SMACNA classifies any rolled on transverse connector as T25 and has specific duct construction standards for these. Any four bolt flange system is classified as T24.

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#35 Flange

Ductmate-35-FlangeStrong, self sealing, and virtually leak-free Rectangular Duct Connection Systems. Ductmate 35 Connection Systems consist of roll-formed Flanges, Corner pieces, Gasket, and Cleats. The Gasket serves as a Seal between the Flanges. The Cleat insures even compression of the Gasket along the length of the Flange. Also available is the #45 Flange, which meets a K class specification and is typically used with 12 and 14 Gauge Duct or when something stronger than a J Class is required. We also stock the equivalent products in the Ward Style J Flange and Mated Accessories - Please see item code sheet. Spec Sheet
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#45 Flange


WDCI J Flange

Ductmate-35-FlangeConklin also stocks the WDCI J Flange as an alternative to Ductmate # 35 Flange, for shops used to the Ward style Flange and Corners.


Ductmate-DC3AThis 16 Gauge Corner has a continuous outside Flange around the Corner and a Square Hole (which works better for installing 3/8" Carriage Bolt/Nuts). Also available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Aluminized, and Galvanneal - 250 per box.Spec Sheet
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Corner Clip Corners

Ductmate-DC3BThis 16 Gauge Corner with Round Hole was introduced by Ductmate many years ago as a speed and ease of installation alternative to using a Nut and Bolt. There is no outside Flange near the hole for the purpose of a down set and the use of a Metal Corner Clip. The Clip is just as strong as the Nut/Bolt in this application. Also available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Aluminized, and Galvanneal - 250 per box. Spec Sheet
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Ward J Corners

ward j cornerThis 14 Gauge Standard J Corner used on WDCI J Flange comes with Nut and Bolt - 250 per box.Item Codes


Cleats6" Galvanized Cleat for use on Ductmate 35 Flange - 500 per box. Spec Sheet
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Ductmate Pneumatic Fastener

Ductmate-Pneumatic-FastenerDuctmate's Model 4200 Repeater Fastener is Ductmate's newest version of the Old Repeater Gun. It uses the same nails as the Repeater Pro that came before it, but its much lighter and more durable. Spec Sheet
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4-Bolt Flange Tools
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Ductmate-CleaterThe Cleater 1 is the ideal tool for attaching Cleats to Ductmate Flange joints where spacing is not an issue. Use the Cleater 2 in conjunction with 5/8" deep-wall socket, extensions, and wrench (not included) to attach Cleats in hard-to-reach places.Spec Sheet
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